David Matthews composer

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Etude Philharmonique


Music for solo violin.

Record label  Metier Sound & Vision
Recording code  MSV CD92028
Number of discs  1
Total playing time  68'21
Release date  2000
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Recorded at  St Mary's Church, Southampton and St Mary's Church, Dinton, Wiltshire
Recorded on  22-23 May 1998, 28 June 1999
Soloists / artists  Peter Sheppard Skaerved (violin)

Includes the following works:

Track   Duration   Sample   Work
4   4'12     Fugue No.10 of Fifteen Fugues
5-7   11'34   Play   Three Studies, Op.39

Also includes works composed / arranged by:

Naji Hakim, Hans Werner Henze, Dimitri Smirnov