David Matthews composer

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The Sheba Sound


Music for two oboes, bassoon, and harpsichord.

Record label  Oboe Classics
Recording code  CC 2014
Number of discs  2
Total playing time  115'15
Release date  2006
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Recorded on  1977-1987
Orchestra / ensemble  The Sheba Sound

Includes the following work:

Disc   Track   Duration   Work
1   5-11   13'28   Toccatas and Pastorals, Op.13

Also includes works composed / arranged by:

Ashlyn, Bach, Boyce, Bull, Byrd, Francois Couperin, Jean-Michel Damase, Dods, Georg Friedrich Handel, Hefti, Hymas, Elizabeth Maconchy, Michelangelo Jerace, Langford, Lester, Müller, Purcell, Richardson, Runswick, Giuseppe San Martini