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The Music of Dawn, Op.50

Category Orchestral > Other Orchestral Works
Composed 1989-1990
Duration (approx) 30 minutes

Large orchestra: 4(III+IV=picc) - - timp - perc(4): 2 timp/BD/2 conga/3 tam-t/4 susp.cym/2 siz.cym/ch.cym/caxixi/2 metal mcas/rainmaker/xyl/mar/vib/6 crot - 2 harp - strings

Recording(s) Matthews: Orchestral Works
Publisher Faber Music

Young Musicians' Symphony Orchestra with funds provided by Unilever

First performance 28 November 1990
Venue Royal Festival Hall, London
Orchestra / Ensemble Young Musicians' Symphony Orchestra
Conductor James Blair
Review Robert Maycock, The Independent, 30 November 1990

Long-held, many-layered chords glow faintly and fade again; wisps of melody drift away from them and form into insistent flute patterns above the pulse of breaking waves. Sunrise provokes a more purposeful energy, which works through leaner lines and lively additive rhythms towards a renewed but now blazing stillness, poised on the edge of infinity.