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Symphony No.2, Op.17

Category Orchestral > Symphonies
Composed 1976-1979
Duration (approx) 35 minutes

3(III=picc).3(III=ca). 3(II+III=bcl). 3(III=cbsn) - 4331- timp(2) - perc(3): 4 tam-t/BD/3 tom-t/TD/bongos/4 susp. cym/glsp/vib/mar/xyl/3 bells/crot - cel - harp - strings (ideally

Recording(s) Symphonies Nos. 2 & 6
Publisher Faber Music
First performance 13 May 1982
Venue St John's Smith Square, London
Orchestra / Ensemble Philharmonia Orchestra
Conductor Simon Rattle
Review Bayan Northcott, Telegraph, May 1982

… a score almost every page of which glows with an ingenious and felt musicality, and in which, all too unusually these days, its basic idea - a finely wrought melody for bassoon - is also its most personal and memorable invention.