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Symphony No.9, Op.140

Category Orchestral > Symphonies
Composed 2016
Duration (approx) 25 minutes

2 flutes (II=piccolo), 2 oboes (II = cor anglais), 2 clarinets (II= bass clarinet), 2 bassoons (II = contrabassoon), 4 horns in F, 2 trumpets in C, 3 trombones, timpani, percussion (1 player: side down, 3 suspended cymbals, triangle), harp, strings

Related Works A June Song, Op.140a
Recording(s) Symphony No.9 Part of the 21st Century Symphony Project
Publisher Faber Music
First performance 9 May 2018
Venue St George’s Church, Great George Street, Bristol
Orchestra / Ensemble English Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Kenneth Woods
Review Richard Bratby, The Spectator

The audience at St George's Bristol - where Kenneth Woods conducted the world premiere with the English Symphony Orchestra - actually cheered, and Matthews's habit of writing recognisable melodies might have helped there. One tune (and that really is the word) in the fourth movement was so unabashedly cheerful that I found myself thinking: he'll never get away with this