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For a Wine Festival, Op.98a

Category Vocal
Composed 1991-2003
Duration (approx) 3 minutes

Soprano, piano

Text Author(s) Vernon Watkins
Text Language English

Section of work A Garland for Presteigne, a collaboration with ten composers; may be performed separately; a version was also incorporated into Movement of Autumn, Op.98.

Related Works Movement of Autumn, Op.98
Recording(s) A Garland For Presteigne
Publisher Faber Music

to celebrate the twenty-first anniversary of the Presteigne Festival and forms one of ten pieces entitled 'A Garland for Presteigne'.

First performance 25 August 2003
Venue St Andrews Church, Presteigne Festival
Soloists / Players Gillian Keith (soprano), Simon Lepper (piano)