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Voyages (4 songs), Op.96

Category Vocal
Composed 2003-2004
Duration (approx) 25 minutes

Medium voice, violin, viola, cello, piano

Text Author(s) Charles Baudelaire, Victor Hugo
Text Language French

'L'invitation au voyage' may be performed separately.

Related Works L'invitation au voyage, Op.96a
Publisher Faber Music

'L'invitation au voyage' was commissioned by Association a Tempo and first performed at the 'Consonances' Festival, St-Nazaire, France, on 16 September 2003. The remaining three songs were commissioned by the London Bridge Ensemble.

First performance 3 October 2006
Venue Schiermonnikoog Festival, Netherlands
Orchestra / Ensemble Hebe Mensinga (violin), Roger Chase (viola), Frank Peters (piano)
Soloists / Players Francois le Roux (baritone)