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Chaconne, Op.43

Category Orchestral > Other Orchestral Works
Composed 1986-1987
Duration (approx) 21 minutes

Large orchestra: 2(II=picc). afl(=picc). 2.ca. 2(II=Ebcl). bcl. asax. 2.cbsn - - timp - perc(3): guiro/glsp/crot/vib/3 susp. cym/music sticks/3 tam-t/2 BD/tamb/tgl/cyms/ch. cym/12 rototom/TD/SD - cel - harp - strings (min

Recording(s) In The Dark Time & Chaconne
Publisher Faber Music
First performance 7 October 1988
Venue Free Trade Hall, Manchester
Orchestra / Ensemble BBC Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor Edward Downes
Review Paul Conway, The Independent, 15 October 2002

The saving grace of this concert was David Matthews's Chaconne, a taut and ingeniously worked piece, fastidious in its choice of instrumental timbres, concise and clear-thinking in its manipulation of thematic material.