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String Quartet No.6, Op.56

Category Chamber Music > String Quartets
Composed 1990-1991
Duration (approx) 14 minutes

One of its sections may be performed separately.

Related Works Adagio (string orchestra), Op.56b
Adagio (string quartet), Op.56a
Recording(s) Brindisi String Quartet
David Matthews - Complete String Quartets, Volume One
Publisher Faber Music

Little Missenden Festival, funded jointly by the Friends of the Festival and the Buckinghamshire Arts Association

First performance 19 October 1991
Venue Little Missenden Festival
Orchestra / Ensemble Brindisi String Quartet
Review Anthony Bye, Tempo, December 1991

Two fast movements, the first quite sparse in texture, the last vibrant and optimistic, surround a slow movement in which an unashamedly tonal elegy in memory of the art critic Peter Fuller alternates with more chromatic music of great emotional intensity. A work which deserves to enter the repertoire.