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One Foot in Eden, Op.107

Category Vocal
Composed 2008
Duration (approx) 18 minutes

Tenor and piano quintet

Text Author(s) Edwin Muir
Publisher Faber Music

Convivium Music of Lincoln.

First performance 19 July 2008
Venue Lincoln
Orchestra / Ensemble Emperor Quartet
Soloists / Players James Gilchrist (tenor), Julius Drake (piano)
Review Michael White, The Catholic Herald, 12 December 2008

Taking three poems and linking them into continuity with instrumental interludes, he set the first for voice and piano, bringing in the strings with magical stealth at the end and then building the texture to a richly evocative elaboration, through poems two and three, until the energy level reduced to spectral string arpeggios and a final, rhapsodic piano postlude. It made one of the most memorably premieres I've heard in ages; and I hope it's taken up as the companion piece to Wenlock Edge it was designed to be.