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A Vision of the Sea

Between 26 July and 13 August I was at my house in Deal, working on my orchestral piece for next year's BBC Proms, which is provisionally titled A Vision of the Sea. From before dawn until dusk I was surrounded by the constant calls of Herring Gulls, and they have got into the piece; in fact have been transformed into one of its main motivic ideas. At the same time, almost every day I made watercolour paintings of the sea and the sky, the majority in the early morning, which I felt helped me to compose. The weather during this time was a mixture of sunshine and cloud, and some of the skies were spectacular. Here is the sequence of nineteen paintings.

26 July, 9:15pm   27 July, 7:45am
28 July, 8:30am
28 July, 7pm
29 July, 8:30am
29 July, 7:30pm
31 July, 6:45pm
1 August, 5:15am
2 August, 5:30am
3 August, 6:15am
4 August, 8:30am
5 August, 8:15am
6 August, 8:15am
7 August, 8:30am
8 August, 8:15am   9 August, 6:30pm   11 August, 7:30am
12 August, 7:30am
12 August, 8pm