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Op.51 - Symphony No.4

Category Orchestral > Symphonies
Composed 1989-1990
Duration (approx) 27 minutes

Small orchestra (27 players): 1(=picc). 2(II=ca). 0.2 - 2000 - strings (


Also versions of fourth movement as Three to Tango, Op.51a.

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Op.51a - Three to Tango
Recording(s) Cantiga, September Music, Introit, Symphony No.4
Publisher Faber Music

English Chamber Orchestra with funds from the Arts Council of Great Britain

First performance 28 May 1991
Venue Barbican Hall, London
Orchestra / Ensemble English Chamber Orchestra
Conductor Mark Wigglesworth
Review Arnold Whittall, The Gramophone, August 1994

… has an unselfconscious robustness of rhythms that sets up many associations - Nielsen via Simpson, Stravinsky via Tippett, Janacek, even John Adams.