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The Sleeping Lord, Op.58

Category Vocal
Composed 1992
Duration (approx) 14 minutes

Soprano, flute, clarinet, harp, string quartet

Text Author(s) David Jones
Text Language English
Recording(s) From Sea to Sky
Publisher Faber Music

Bath Festival with funds provided from the Arts Council of Great Britain.

First performance 29 May 1992
Venue Prague Spring Festival, Czechoslovakia.
Orchestra / Ensemble Nash Ensemble
Soloists / Players Patrizia Kwella, Ian Brown
Review Michael White, The Independent on Sunday, 7 June 1992

…it is transformed by the rich, allusive, almost drugged intensity of Matthews’s score – with Brittenesque nocturnal features but entering an atmospheric sound world of its own. A beautifully considered piece. The Sleeping Lord throws down no gauntlet; but it sets a standard for a kind of English Pastoral whose appeal goes beyond nostalgia.